Industrial Laboratory Software Services

User Management   Screen to create/delete/modify the users and assign the access rights to them
Change Password   Screen for the users to change their password
Departments   Screen to create/modify /delete the various departments in the organization

Attributes/ Parameters   Screen to define the attributes/ parameters like Iodine Value, Free Fatty acid, etc.
Item List   List of all the items tested. This list will be used during capturing the result of the testing
 Test List   List of all tests like heavy Metal, Loss on Drying, etc are defined here. These entries will be used during the bill processing
 Employee List    List of all employees, with their qualification , Department, etc.
Stock Item Categories   Screen to define the categories of items. The items generated will be under each category.
 Items   Screen to create/edit/delete all the items. Items are tagged under their categories mentioned in the Categories section
Customer Management
Customer Registration   Screen to register a customer on the first time. A registration number is generated here and it will be referred everywhere for the customer.
Customer Searching Screen   Screen to quickly search the customer based on their name, telephone number, bill no, etc.
Customer History   Screen to capture the history of a customer. This screen is capturing various values against each test customer conducted
Generate  Bill   Billing,  Provisions to tax , discount etc.
View Bills   Screen to list out all the bills based on a date duration, customer registration id etc.
Stock Updates   Option to add the items to the stock. This is needed periodically as the stock is getting reduced during billing.
Customer Payments   Screen to handle the customer payments. For each customer the pending amount to be paid will be displayed here and those which are appropriate can be selected and the payment can be executed.
Daily Customer Count   Report which shows the count of registrations/tests of each day between a date duration given
Items consumption   Report which shows the consumption of items happened during a date range
Balance Payments   Report which displays the balance payments of each customer

Web Designing

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Software Development

Our proficient team makes use of PHP, .NET, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, XML, MYSQL, MSSQL.....

E Commerce

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Job Training

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Cash Statement   Report which shows the cash transactions against each customer. This can be filtered date wise.
Pending Cheque Management   Screen to manage the pending cheques whether they got cleared or bounced.
Card payments Management   Screen to clear the card payments to confirm the payment has been successful, so that the cash balance can be updated to reflect in the reports
SMS Alerts   Option to send SMS alerts to a customer as test completion and  payment reminders
Email Alerts   Option to send email alerts to a customer as test completion and payment reminders
Test Report   Option to generate test reports based on Ayush, API, IP-DP, USP, FSSAI, IS, Detection Limit, Test Method and Permissible Limit

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms:  
  o 50% of the order to be paid along with the Purchase order.
o Rest of the payment to be made along with the delivery of the product
Orica Technologies shall provide 3 months unlimited email and telephonic support from the date of Go-Live. Till Go-Live, the system will be under test mode and the Go-Live date starts with cleaning of all the operational data from the system.
During the free support period of the first 3 months, up to 3 site visits (limited upto three working days) are included without any charge. Beyond this, any support will cost Rs. 1500/- per visit (day) would be charged.
Free support can be guaranteed only if the application is solely maintained by Orica Technologies in the Server at Data Centre. Any modification in the software or Database other than from Orica Technologies, if identified, shall lead to the expiry of the guaranteed support.
Support Date starts from the day customer starts posting real time data.
Server should be remotely accessible for Orica’s installation & configuration and technical support
Any change in requirement should be independently estimated, and impact on the cost and schedule will be assessed and accepted before implementing it.
30% of the product cost (at the time of calculation) shall be charged as yearly service renewal cost after the 1st year. Additional features will be estimated and charged separately.
Total duration of the development is expected to be around 4-5 weeks as per the current list of features. However this shall vary based on the final list of tasks.
Any third party components/application/hardware devices/ SMS will be charged subject to its cost/ license, or any additional charges if applicable. Rate for SMS is Rs 0.20/- only.
SMS/ Email features require internet connectivity on the server with necessary permissions from the firewall if any.
This proposal is valid for 10 days only.