Order Processing
Food Item Category   Screen to define the category of items like veg/ non veg, juices, etc.
Food Item Master   Screen to define the food items like which are sold in the restaurant
Food Unit Price definition   Screen to define the unit prices of the items in various levels like A/C, While Parceling, Normal Unit price etc. Definition of the item name will be changed based on the unit price category. Eg: meals will be changed to Packed-Meals.
Customer Order screen   Screen to accept the order for different items. This screen will accept the status of whether the item is delivered or not.
Food Bill   Screen to generate the bill based on the order
Food Order lists   Screen to list the orders grouped by items. This is for kitchen. For eg: Tea from different desks at a time will be shown collectively together as a single count in this screen
Food Item Stock Update   Screen to capture the preparation of food items. This will add up the stock available to be served. Also the deduction of quantity can be captured here like due to packing, ageing etc.
Food Item damage entry   Screen to capture the food items which are damaged so that it can be deducted from the quantity
Food Order Statement   Report on the number of orders and their processing till serving for a date range
Food Bill Report   Report which lists out all the bills generated for a particular date range
Food Stock Report   Report which shows the stock balance of the food item
Item Category   Screen to define the category of items like vegetables(raw materials)
Item Master   Screen to define items under their categories. The details like unit, current stock are captured against each item in this screen
Item Stock Update   Screen to add/reduce the stock of the items.
Item movement report   Report which shows the inflow and out flow quantity of a selected item for a particular date range
Vendor Master   Screen to maintain the list of all the vendors and their contact details
Purchase order   Screen to generate the purchase order selecting the items which are less in stock. The lower limit of stock is accepted through the Item Master screen for each item
Bill From vendor   Screen to enter the bill from vendor on the items purchased. This will be used to make the payments through the payment screen
Payments to vendors   Screen to handle the payments to vendors. For each vendor the pending amount to be paid will be displayed here and those which are appropriate can be selected and the payment can be executed.
User Management   Creating and assigning the rights to users based on their access permissions. Password rest also can be done through this screen
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