Enquiry Management System

User creation
Screen to enter and maintain employee details
User Management
Screen to update user password reset etc. This screen will also give options to manage screen level permission of a user.

Stage 1 - Pre-Sales

Potential Customer Registration
Screen to register the Potential Customer accepting all the required details. This is done by a user or Admin
Assign Potential Customer
to Employee
Screen used by Admin to assign each Potential Customer to the employee/user for further follow-up
Potential Customer Search(FULL)
The list which shows all the details of the Potential Customers. The users will see only those assigned to them. Admin can see all the Potential Customers.
Potential Customer Communication
Screen to log all the interactions with the Potential Customer. enquiring about the work opportunity, informing the executive’s site visit schedule, enquiring the status etc.
Customer status
Screen to capture business category of a particular customer.

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List of Potential Customer
Report which shows the Potential Customer list based on various criteria such as, site visit scheduled, location, etc.
Performance of Users
Report for Admin which shows the statistics of the users/employees. Showing how many calls attended, handled how many Customers, how many scheduled for site visit.
 Item master
Screen to create item master and capture its price details
Send Profile
Option to email profile from the system

Technical Support Management System

Capturing Selling details

 Billing details
Screen to capture  Billing details such as Bill No., item details, warranty details, etc


General function:
Screen to capture  support information, Generate ticket number
, Generate mail, Generate SMS and View/submit/Assign/Open/Close a message
Admin side
Register Customer, Register Engineer, Generate/ reset password, View/submit message, Assign/Re-Assign message, View/ change ticket status - open/close, Receive SMS, Define Customer Service/product support  (warranty, AMC) validity details, Search Service / product support expiry details, Send Service / product support renewal alert through email/ SMS
Engineer side
Engineer login screen, Reset password, View/submit message, View/ change corresponding ticket status - open/close, View open/ close corresponding tickets, Receive SMS, View Service / product support expiry  (warranty, AMC) details of a particular customer
Customer side
Customer login screen , Reset password, View/submit message, Receive SMS, View Service / product support expiry (warranty, AMC) details of that particular customer
Details of supports between a particular date range attended by Engineer/ from a customer, details of spare parts used, etc
Alerts Generate SMS/emails alerts for service renewals