Gas Products Management Software

Stock & Delivery Management
Cylinder Maintenance
Cylinder categories   Creating the categories of the cylinders
Create Cylinder   Screen to enter all the master details of the Cylinders as per the category
Filling Cylinder   Screen to Fill the empty own Cylinder and update the stock OR Fill the cylinders of the external parties
Delivery Chalan   Screen to create and print the delivery chalan as per the issue. Includes Client details, Vehicle Details etc.
Inward Chalan   Screen to Manage the entry of Cylinders. This can be for filling OR Return of own cylinders from customers OR Filled cylinders from Head office etc.
List of Cylinders List of Cylinders with their status empty, filled, in-house, outside, with which vendor, etc.
Clients with Cylinders List of All clients with the status of the number of cylinders with each of them
Cylinder History The history of a cylinder, when got delivered, to which client etc, based on a particular date range
Pending Cylinders List of Cylinders which are not reported returned back since a date with number of day's pending, possible client with whom the same is expected etc.
External Cylinders Pending List of the external Cylinders came for filling and delivered/not delivered
Master Lists
Vehicle Master Screen to maintain master list of Vehicles
Driver Master Screen to maintain master list of Drivers
Client Maintenance Screen to maintain the list of Clients with all the details

Other features


Include testing date in Cylinder tracking

There will be an option to find out empty & filled cylinders while displaying the stock of the cylinder.

3. To handle the possible of mistakes in the serial number/count while delivering the cylinder, there will be an option given to adjust these mistakes while getting these cylinders returned as empty

A Cylinder will be restricted being delivered again until it is marked as returned from the earlier party.


Empty date will not be less than delivered date. This check will be included.


Option will be given to know the status of damaged cylinder and from where it has come


Cylinders will be identified with serial number during filling and an additional screen will be maintained to handle the customer cylinder filling. Here the option will be restricted, and the customer Cylinders will be handled only in their count.


Cylinder status – empty/ full/ damage - there will be provisions to change damage cylinder option to empty/ full when it gets repaired


There will be an option to take drivers report date-wise, company-wise & month-wise


There should be an option to take print out of reports

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Cylinder parameters example

Manufacturing numbers

Serial numbers


Testing date

Expiry date

Purchase date


Cylinder Category example