Gold Investment Scheme with Portable Printer

Customer creation
Customer name   Payment frequency
Customer id   Agreed payment date
Ph number   Agreed payment amount
Address   Payment method: cash/cheque/card/etc
Pin number   Minimum payment
Location   Customer remarks
Joining date   Executive reference
Scheme name   Date of birth
Registration from –to   Identity proof
Collection executive creation
Executive name   Area assigned
Executive id   Vehicle details
Ph number   Date of birth
Address   Identity proof (text box)
Minimum collection/day   Incentive policy (text box)
Scheme creation
duration,   minimum amount,
payment frequency,   maximum amount
scheme name,
Gold Rate master
Date   rate
Admin screen
Area / executive assignment screen
Payment/ billing screen
Screen to accept the payment and generate the receipt for the payment
Bill details
Customer name & address   Gold rate
Date of payment   Gold weight accrued today
Scheme name   Total gold weight so far
Amount paid   Total amount paid including today:
Amount till the date
Daily collection report (this can be taken total/ area wise/ executive wise)   Area wise list of customers
Customer report (payment details of a particular customer till the date)   Scheme performance report (list of all the schemes and number of people enrolled in each scheme, duration of the scheme, total quantity of gold handled in this scheme
Performance report (area wise Vs  executive performance analysis)
Closing process
Select customer   Assign bonus / interest, if any
Display the summary of payments so far by the customer and quantity of gold in credit   Finalize and print the closing certificate
SMS Integration facility (SMS charges will be extra)
SMS Service to the all the users including admin when the rate of gold is changed in the system   SMS to admin when a collection is made in the system with information on which customer, how much amount collected, which executive collected etc.
SMS summary to admin regarding that days collection on every evening
User management
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