Centura(Gupta) Team Developer

At Orica Technologies, customer is the foundation of our organization. We offer consulting experience and methodologies need to successfully migrate applications, implement new solutions, reduce risks and maximize return on investment on Centura Team Developer/Gupta Team Developer/ SQL Windows).

Orica Technologies has a heritage of success in helping companies migrate mission critical legacy applications to newer technologies. Today, we enable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for global organizations to modernize mission critical applications while maximizing legacy investments throughout the enterprise.

Orica Technologies will work with you and your staff to define, plan and initiate projects. We will make sure that your project is well defined with proven development, implementation and deployment processes in place. Our consultants will transfer to your staff the accumulated skills and knowledge that they have acquired through their years of experience in the database and application development industry. With this service, your staff will have the right tools, knowledge, processes and plans to successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

Whether you need a small modification or major changes, Orica Technologies can provide the right consultants. Our consultants are armed with the proper knowledge and skills and are always available to meet your needs.

We can help build complex, scalable applications for multiple platforms with minimum development time. We can even help you define the scope of the task and make recommendations for successful implementation.

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